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The term Data Visualization may have firm roots in the 20 th Century, but the concept of data storytelling is as old as time. Humans have been expressing the world through data dating as far back to the invention of the seismograph, the collapse of the Han Dynasty, and the rise of Buddhism.The earliest data table in known existence was created in 2 nd century Egypt, catag. Picture This: Historical Approaches to Data Visualization. By Mimi Eisen, Historian. Lately, I've been thinking about the work data visualization can do to make meaning and provoke action. Every day, it seems, we are inundated with new charts and figures that present as objective demographic and geographic analysis of the coronavirus pandemic. Some, like the now-ubiquitous flatten the. To facilitate understanding the history of global capitalism in its broad societal context, this tool provides historical data on broad economic, social and political trends both globally and within the United States.

Data Visualization has been in existence even before it metamorphized into a widely known entity it is today. Historically, scholars have used it to emphasize on their plans, direction, an Discussion of data visualization and information design crafted before 1990. The Journal of the Data Visualization Society

While some books on Data Visualization go as far back as the 18th century, to what's considered to be the golden age of information graphics, the history of the practice is much deeper. The participants on this panel have spent years exploring key characters and major contributions to the field of Data Visualization over many centuries. We will be discussing ancient visual metaphors, the. This chapter provides an overview of the intellectual history of data visualization from me-dieval to modern times, describing and illustrating some significant advances a long the way. It is based on what I call the Milestones Project, an attempt to provide a broadly comprehensive and representative catalog of important developments in all fields related to the history of data visualization.

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  1. Data is beautiful: 10 of the best data visualization examples from history to today. While data visualization often conjures thoughts of business intelligence with button-down analysts, it's usually a lot more creative and colorful than you might think. There are many wide-ranging applications from business dashboards to public health visualizations to pop culture trend breakdowns. Great and.
  2. Data visualization is the graphic representation of data.It involves producing images that communicate relationships among the represented data to viewers of the images. This communication is achieved through the use of a systematic mapping between graphic marks and data values in the creation of the visualization. This mapping establishes how data values will be represented visually.
  3. This post is a contribution to the study of historical data visualization. In addition to a faithful vectorized version of the original map, it offers a geographical and a historical map based on the model of Minard. MINARD'S MAP VECTORIZED. The original map shows the road to Moscow in brown and the way back in black. The path is simplified into a single stream, as explained in.
  4. Data visualization refers to the graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, timelines, and maps, data visualization is an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, correlations, and patterns in data
  5. A Brief History of Data Visualization Blog 24 September 2019 Editors note: This blog was originally published in October 2013, and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy, relevancy, and comprehensiveness in September 2019 . Prior to the 17th century, data visualization existed mainly in the realm of maps, displaying land markers, cities, roads, and resources. As the demand grew.

A Short History of Data Visualisation. A brief walk through some of the main innovations and innovators in turning numbers into pretty pictures . Richard Farnworth. Follow. Jul 3 · 7 min read. With modern technology, visualising data has never been easier. A few clicks of the mouse, can more or less instantly turn a huge table of raw numbers into a visually appealing and easy to interpret. Data visualization is the practice of converting data from raw figures into a graphical representation such as graphs, maps, charts, and complex dashboards. Let's see what makes it important (meaning), how it has developed (history), and exactly how it can work in real life (examples). Join us on Data Visualization 101, an introduction to dataviz and its power Differences Between Data Science vs Data Visualization. Data Science is defined as the art of interpreting data and getting useful information out of it whereas Data Visualization involves the representation of the data, basically, both of them cannot be considered as two completely different entities, as they are bound together in a way that Data Visualizations is the subset of Data Science.

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  1. Data Visualizations Best Practices Tutorial Visualize Historical Time Comparisons July 22, 2018 Key Terms: line plots, bar charts, heatmap Often times with datasets, we want to understand the changes in some metric over time. For example, if your business recorded sales each day, we may want a comparison of the sales value today versus yesterday, and perhaps this month versus previous months.
  2. Simplicity is essential - you don't want to add any elements that distract from the data. History of Data Visualization. The concept of using picture was launched in the 17th century to understand the data from the maps and graphs, and then in the early 1800s, it was reinvented to the pie chart. Several decades later, one of the most advanced examples of statistical graphics occurred when.
  3. g Interface (API). Feedback. Please email FEMA-New-Media@fema.dhs.gov. Last updated Jul 24, 2020. Data Visualizations; Data Visualizations; Historical Flood Risk and Costs; Disaster Declarations for States and Counties.
  4. By contrast, visualization is more intuitive and meaningful, and it is very important to use appropriate charts to visualize data. In this post, I will introduce the top 16 types of chart in data visualization, and analyze their application scenarios to help you quickly select the type of chart that shows the characteristics of your data
  5. Historical data visualization panel . April 16, 2020 Topic Statistical Visualization / history, Manuel Lima, Michael Friendly, Sandra Rendgen. Manuel Lima hosted a free online panel with Michale Friendly and Sandra Rendgen historical data visualization. It already happened, but you can listen to the archived version: Human beings have been involved in the visual representation of information.

Data visualization is the creation of visual representations of data. These representations clearly communicate insights from data through charts and graphs. In terms of business intelligence (BI), these visualizations help users make better data-based decisions. To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects. - Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier was one of. Doctoral researcher position in Historical Data Visualization Your Role. The focus of this PhD project is to develop an interface for the presentation / visualization of the data that will be harvested throughout the LuxTIME-project. Inspired by new ways of data visualization in the field of bioinformatics, digitized cultural heritage.

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  1. Data Visualization: Historical Flood Risk and Costs; Main Content. Data Visualization. Public Assistance Program Summary of Obligations. Explore our grant data by location and declaration year. Disaster declarations for states and counties. Explore historic federal disaster declarations by state, county, hazard, and year. Disaster declarations for Tribal Nations. Explore historic federal.
  2. The history of statistical graphics reveals some graphics so breathtaking in information design and artistic beauty that it is hard to imagine how they might be reproduced today. In statistical graphics, the past is often a fountain of ideas, as rich as the future. See our project on Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization for a.
  3. Historical Data Visualization → Historical Data Visualization → Details → → Rise and Fall of Communism; Business History Initiative Harvard Business School Connell House 301A Boston, MA 02163 Phone: 1.617.495.1003 Email: bhi+hbs.edu → → → → → Harvard University.
  4. This book starts with an introduction to visualization and a number of historical examples of visual representations. At its core, the book presents and discusses a systematic view of the visualization of time-oriented data. This view is structured along three key questions. While the aspects of time and associated data describe what is being visualized, user tasks are related to the question.
  5. Data visualization allows you to interact with data. Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter all ask better a better question of their data and make a better business decision by using data visualization. Here are the top 10 data visualization tools that help you to visualize the data: 1. Tableau. Tableau is a data visualization tool. You can.
  6. The history of data visualization is full of incredible stories marked by major events, led by a few key players. We'd like to introduce you to some of the amazing men and women who paved the way by combining art, science, and statistics. William Playfair (1759 - 1823) William Playfair is considered the father of statistical graphics, having invented the line and bar chart we use so often.
  7. Milestones tour of the history of data vis Pre-history of visualization The first statistical graph The Big Bang: William Playfair Influence of data, technology & visual thinking • Other topics (later): Moral statistics: the birth of social science Graphs in the public interest: Nightingale, Farr and Sno

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Visualisation is used to present complex data in a way that is easy to understand. It allows an audience to make connections and reduces the time taken to make sense of what is presented. Napoleon's invasion of Russia 1812 The diagram of Napoleon's invasion of Russia depicts several different variables. The graph shows the decline o Some of it highlights the pros and cons of specific data visualization methods, like bar charts, line graphs and scatter plots. Other paragraphs address the broad challenges of historical census data, including how to design for comparative significance at different population levels, or different summary level groups. Attached throughout are designs testing these questions and showcasing my.

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11.Other Data Visualization Tools-Along with the above-written data visualization and BI tools, There are also some more popular data visualization tools. I am listing down. You can reach them here-1.MicroStrategy 2.Microsoft Excel 3.Google Chart How to Choose the Best Data Visualization Tool Exploring historical data through visualisation. Latest Posts. The Spread of European Printing Activity (1450-1650). Mapped! by Graeme Kemp, posted June 17, 2020 In the first in a series of posts looking at the Geography of the Book, Graeme Kemp discusses mapping the output of places of printing in Europe before 1650. Read More Traherne Digital Collator: visual collation and the printed page. Give data visualization a welcoming hug. After raw data is collected - sales figures, social media data, campaign stats, consumer intelligence - it needs to be visualized so it's easy to understand and business goals can be met head on. For this you need the best data visualization tools. You'll find 16 in this post Data visualization has come a long way. From simple cave drawings depicting the success of a hunt to the intricate dashboards we have today connecting to millions of rows of data. It's always good to know where you came from in order to better understand where you are now and where you are going. Michael Friendly from York University published a paper on the milestones in the history of Data. CESIUM's data visualization brings together features discussed in other entries-like mapping city-wide shadows and historical development-in one 3D model of New York City. This data visualization uses 3D Tiles to represent location data in a responsive manner leading the way to fulfilling the Digital Earth vision

Improved Insight. Data visualization can provide insight that traditional descriptive statistics cannot. A perfect example of this is Anscombe's Quartet, created by Francis Anscombe in 1973.The illustration includes four different datasets with almost identical variance, mean, correlation between X and Y coordinates, and linear regression lines Our ongoing projects further demonstrate the wide range of applicability of social network visualization not just to very large data sets suited for macro history, but for micro history as well. Visualizing or graphing such networks serves two overlapping ends. First, it provides a visible prosopography - a searchable reference of connections far easier to read and to use than any of the. Jun 20, 2020 - Explore German Amuchastegui's board Maps, History and Data Visualization on Pinterest. See more ideas about History, Historical maps, Data visualization

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  1. An exhibit on data visualization history was conceived of as a way to link the past to the present and form a connection with students, said Special Collections curator Lois Black. By showcasing books on diverse topics, staff are able to demonstrate how historical texts become relevant to present-day scholarship. The exhibit began as an exploration of the history of data.
  2. Data may be unavailable for some locations during certain time periods. The historical country borders were adapted from CShapes - Weidmann, Nils B., Doreen Kuse, and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch. 2010. The Geography of the International System: The CShapes Dataset. International Interactions 36 (1). Back to the previous pag
  3. Popular Tools for Visualizing Data: There is no need to be a designer to visualize data creatively and accurately. Tableau. This software is usually named as an example of one of the best data visualization tools, and it's for a reason. First, it is the most popular among journalists, data scientists and analysts; more than 57,000 people use.
  4. Data visualization is increasingly being seen as the essential last step of any successful data-driven analytics strategy. Here are 20 of the most insightful quotes on the importance of carefully and clearly communicating your findings to the people who need to take action based on them. There is no such thing as information overload. There is only bad design. - Edward Tufte The.
  5. At over 5K stars Raw is a connection link between spreadsheets and data visualization built to create custom vector-based visualizations on top of the d3.js library. It works with tabular data (spreadhseets and comma-separated values) as well as with copied-and-pasted texts from other applications. Based on the SVG format, visualizations can be edited with vector graphics applications for.
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Visualizing Historical Data, And The Rise Of Digital Humanities Stanford's Spatial History Project uses databases, ArcGIS, and other technological bells and whistles to visualize history. Historical Data Visualization Challenges. Posted in Digital Humanities, and Percolating Ideas. Tweet. Follow me. Not everything came up roses in my dive into historical data visualization. For instance, some visualizations broke. The image on the left tells me nothing about the number of emigrants to Algeria from specific departments in France as expected. It was also very difficult to upload. Contribute to Muzi828/Historical-ranking-data-visualization development by creating an account on GitHub Data visualization has a long history, stretching back to ancient Egypt. In around 1160 BC, a map was prepared for Ramses IV to show locations of quarries, mines, and other natural resources in a 15-kilometer stretch of land in his domain. Probably the first known example of data visualization, the Turin Papyrus Map is augmented with annotations showing the size of blocks cut from the quarry. Scroll through the Python Package Index and you'll find libraries for practically every data visualization need—from GazeParser for eye movement research to pastalog for realtime visualizations of neural network training. And while many of these libraries are intensely focused on accomplishing a specific task, some can be used no matter what your field

Graphics, illustrations, charts, and tables have accompanied scientific works for as long as people have been reporting findings and publishing papers. Once the purview of researchers and graphic illustrators, today finds libraries and librarians involved in many aspects of data including access, management, preservation, and visualization. This illustrated timeline traces the history of data. We're talking about looking at history through data visualizations. We think it can be a fantastic new way to look at historical events in a completely new way. We've all taken history courses and know that, for the most part, historiography is dominated by long-winded essays and even denser textbooks. But if a good data visualization makes things clear and easy to understand for everyone.

Books shelved as data-visualization: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R. Tufte, The Functional Art: An Introduction to Informatio.. Data Visualization Best Practices Webinar by Yellowfin BI - Duration: 59:53. Yellowfin 27,550 views. 59:53 . A Brief History of Graphic Design - Duration: 1:06:44. Ben G Kaiser 20,572 views. 1:06. A Brief History of Data Visualization. Data visualization has a long and exciting history and while it's impossible to cover all aspects of its development in this article, it's worth mentioning two big steps in showing information. Maps. The first attempt to show data visually began with cartography — about 6000 years ago when the first map was created. A town map of the city of Konya. These types of data visualization work best when you're analyzing multiple data points and you're looking for any similarities within the data set. As you do so, you can notice any outliers and also gain a clearer understanding of your overall data distribution. Say, for instance, that you wanted to measure customer feedback scores that your organization receives. You also wanted to see if.

Data Visualization Tools. Upper Mississippi River System Historic Map Viewer This tool allows the user to view several scanned and georeferenced historic map image mosaics. Data is available for viewing by selecting the layer list button described below, and checking the boxes next to the data layers of interest. There are other tools that allow map creation, distance and area measurements. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Video ini berisi tentang sejarah dari perkembangan visualisasi data yang dimulai dari abad sebelum masehi sampai d.. Data Visualization Do's and Don'ts - A General Conclusion. Time axis. When using time in charts, set it on the horizontal axis. Time should run from left to right. Do not skip values (time periods), even if there are no values. Proportional values. The numbers in a chart (displayed as bar, area, bubble, or other physically measured element in the chart) should be directly proportional to.

Brief History of Data Visualization: Historically, data visualization has evolved through the work of noted practitioners. The founder of graphical methods in statistics is William Playfair. William Playfair invented four types of graphs: the line graph, the bar chart of economic data , the pie chart and the circle graph. Joseph Priestly had created the innovation of the first timeline charts. Data Visualization Gallery. A weekly exploration of Census data. The Census Bureau is working to increase our use of visualization in making data available to the public, and this gallery is an early part of that effort. The first posted visualizations will pertain largely to historical population data, building on prior work done to portray historical changes in the growth and redistribution. Good data visualization can spark discussions leading to healthy decisions. Armed with this information, we got to talk to the operations manager. We were mostly curious about why women tend to buy products that are designed for men. My initial thought was that women might be buying the products for their significant other. Surprisingly, no! Women are buying men products simply because there. Data journalism has been used ever since the first issue of the guardian back in the 1800's. It has always been a part of the news, it has just been recently popularised. Even just using text and simple lines could be considered an effective data visualisation. These data visualisations have often been used to explain things about war to the. Visualizations. Historical School Enrollment. Shows aspects of school enrollment of the U.S. population using Current Population Survey data from 1947 to 2011. Historical Educational Attainment. View aspects of educational attainment of the U.S. population using Current Population Survey data from 1940 to 2011. All 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 More 2013 2012 2020. 2020. All; 2020; 2019.

Visualization and analysis tools can help by combining qualitative, quantitative, and historical urban data - helping experts understand the system of systems of the modern city. Incorporating insights from experts in several relevant fields, we have derived a performance specification for visualization tools supporting general transportation planning problems . We examine two existing. But data visualizations can make all of that much easier, allowing you to see the concepts that you're learning about in a more interesting, and often more useful manner. Below are 50 of the best data visualizations and tools for creating your own visualizations out there, covering everything from Digg activity to network connectivity to what's currently happening on Twitter. Music, Movies. Master's degree or diploma in information design, interface design, data visualization, cultural informatics, historical data management & curation. Experience with the design, implementation and use of large scale databases; statistical and machine learning approaches for data analysis / visualization; design of explorative interfaces

illustrations of significant contributions to the history of data visualization. This forms one basis for exploring interesting questions and problems in the use of statistical and graphical methods to explore this history, a topic that can be called statistical historiography. 1 Introduction The only new thing in the world is the history you don't know.—Harry S Truman The graphic. Take a look and be amazed at these famous data visualizations from history (done without electronic calculators or handy little programs to make charts for us.) Napoleon March Map. Visualization by: Charles Joseph Minard Learn more: Wikipedia. In 1812, Napoleon tried to conquer Moscow, and suffered terrible defeat. This chart visualizes that campaign and is one of the most famous examples of. A brief history of data visualization. Michael Friendly ∗ March 21, 2006. Abstract. It is common to think of statistical graphics and data visualization as relatively modern. developments in.

This project will offer a new history of data visualization from the eighteenth century to the present. Through a set of six interactive case studies, Data By Design will show how visualizations of data, like the data themselves, are never neutral informational forms. Rather, they always carry a set of implicit assumptions—and, at times, explicit arguments—about how knowledge is produced. Improved understanding of historical wildfire trends and causes can inform fire management and save lives and property. In this exercise, we'll use R to perform exploratory data visualization as we learn about historical wildfire data for the state of California. Exploratory data visualization is an important first step to take when deciding. Historical data visualization panel. April 16, 2020. Manuel Lima hosted a free online panel with Michale Friendly and Sandra Rendgen historical data visualization. It already happened, but you can listen to the archived version: Human beings have been involved in the visual representation of information for thousands of years. While some books on Data Visualization go as far back as the 18th.

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  1. Data and Visualization in Digital History Course Description Assignments Schedule Fine Print Course Description In this methods course you will be introduced to data manipulation and visualization for historians. You will learn to work with historical data, including finding, gathering, manipulating, analyzing, visualizing, and arguing from.
  2. Today's visualization outlines some of history's most deadly pandemics, from the Antonine Plague to the current COVID-19 event. A Timeline of Historical Pandemics. Disease and illnesses have plagued humanity since the earliest days, our mortal flaw. However, it was not until the marked shift to agrarian communities that the scale and spread of these diseases increased dramatically.
  3. Data visualization techniques and tools. Ever-growing volume of data and its importance for business make data visualization an essential part of many companies' business strategies.. In this article, we provide a profound view on data visualization techniques and instruments, the factors that influence the choice of visualizations and a concise review of the most widely-used data.

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Data visualization should answer vital strategic questions, provide real value, and help solve real problems. It can be used to track performance, monitor customer behavior, and measure effectiveness of processes, for instance. Taking time at the outset of a data visualization project to clearly define the purpose and priorities will make the end result more useful and prevent wasting time. Transforming your data into rich visuals, Power BI is a customizable data visualization toolset that gives you a complete view of your business. Collaborate and share reports inside and outside your organization, spot trends as they happen, and stay focused on what matters most. Whether it's on-premises or in the cloud, Power BI provides access to your most important data in one place. Data visualization is a way of representing data that allows its meaning to be communicated clearly. One must consider to choose visualization parameters appropriately, using color only for critical data points, and keep axes/gridlines in grayscale. It is important to consider the purpose of data visualization (either communication or analysis). One type of data visualization is Open Knowledge.

Feminist Data Visualization; Or, the Shape of History. What follows is the text of my talk at the 2017 MLA Annual Convention, slightly modified for the web. I spoke on a panel that showcased new forms of nineteenth-century digital scholarship. (Also featured were Mark Algee-Hewitt and Annie Swafford). An essay-length version of the talk is in the works, but since I'm heads-down on my book. 35.1 Data Visualization in Historical Context. People have been arranging data into tables (columns and rows) at least since the 2nd century C.E., but the idea of representing quantitative information graphically didn't arise until the 17th century. For this innovation we have the French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes to thank. He developed a two-dimensional coordinate system for.

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Data visualization is the graphical representation of the data and information, extracted from data mining using the visual elements like graph, chart, and maps, data visualization tool, and techniques helps in analyzing massive amount of information and make decision on top of it whereas business intelligence uses the data from the business operations and transform the raw data into the. Arizona, United States About Blog A blog about Data Visualization, Infographics, Business Intelligence, Historical Aspects of Data Visualization (e.g., John Snow's Cholera Map) and Storytelling. Frequency 1 post / week Blog datavizblog.com Twitter followers 1K ⋅ Domain Authority 41 ⓘ ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.9M ⓘ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email.

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Combining six different data sets - geography, strategic movement, direction, the number of remaining soldiers, temperature, and time - this iconic visualization offers a tangible insight into Napoleon's push into Russia, immortalizing an important historical moment in time for future generations to explore Chronicling America Data Visualizations. Nearly every week new newspaper pages from NDNP award recipients are added to Chronicling America. Because of the ongoing expansion of the collection, users have often asked questions about the coverage of newspapers available in the database at a given time. On this page we have included links and descriptions to several different types of data. Data Visualization is a powerful way to simplify the complexity in our data and present it in a form which is comprehensible, insightful and actionable. From early caveman paintings to today's sophisticated information dashboards, we have used data viz in some form or the other since time immemorial. We have compiled a list of our [

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The Complete History Of The NFL. This data visualization from FiveThirtyEight shows the history of the NFL by teams. The makers rated the team based on Elo, a measure of strength based on game-by-game results. The makers calculated Elo ratings for every game in league history — over 30,000 ratings in total. 15. A Guide to Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria. This data visualization from Slate. How data visualization works. 10 quick tips for effective data visualization; What makes data visualization more powerful and useful? Comparing numbers presented in a flat table to find the top value is extremely difficult and takes a long time. This is where visualizing your data through graphical representation can make your life easier. If. Steven Terner Mnuchin was sworn in as the 77th Secretary of the Treasury on February 13, 2017. As Secretary, Mr. Mnuchin is responsible for the U.S. Treasury, whose mission is to maintain a strong economy, foster economic growth, and create job opportunities by promoting the conditions that enable prosperity at home and abroad A data visualization of history suggests and answers a thousand questions. Sometimes, the value in a chart or graph of history is that it proposes new questions to ask of the past, questions that we wouldn't have thought to ask unless the information were presented to us in a visual way. Visualizing Presidential History Take the history of the United States presidency. Every high school.

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HISTORY OF DATA VISUALIZATION To understand current and future trends in the field of data visualization, it helps to begin with some historical context. Despite the fact that predecessors to data visualization date back to the 2nd century AD, most developments have occurred in the last two and a half centuries, predominantly during the last 30 years. Figure 1: History of data visualization. It aims to brings data to life, and emphasizes web standards, combining powerful visualization techniques with a data-driven approach to Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. D3 is the most popular data visualization project on Github by a wide margin, and is well-represented in the data science community. 2. Chart.js. Stars: 18244, Forks: 567 The Data Visualization Society fosters a community where every member benefits from resources that support growth, refinement, and expansion of data visualization knowledge regardless of expertise level. Goals: Advocate for a greater understanding of the usage and impact of data visualization practice across disciplines, industries, and use cases. Collect, develop, and curate professional. Visme's data visualization editing interface . More free data visualizations? Did we miss any free data visualization tools? Let us know in the comments below! It's worth noting that this time around, no open source products met our methodology. If you're fond of any open source solutions that you think we should evaluate in our next update, we'd love to hear about them. Methodology.

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The story of how data became big starts many years before the current buzz around big data. Already seventy years ago we encounter the first attempts to quantify the growth rate in the volume of. The history of looking at data visualizations One of the interesting things about contemporary data visualization is that the field has a deep sense of its own history, but that professional historians haven't paid a great deal of attention to it yet. That's changing. I attended a conference at Columbia last weekend about the history of data visualization and data visualization as history. This report presents the worldwide Biological Data Visualization market size (value, production and consumption), splits the breakdown (data status 2018 and forecast to 2025), by manufacturers, region, type and application. This study also analyzes the market status, market share, growth rate, future trends, market drivers, opportunities and challenges, risks and entry barriers, sales channels. Olympics History: A Data Visualization Application Prepared by Team Thundercats Shubhangi Rakhonde David Schechter Zayd Hammoudeh Date of Submission: May 22, 201 Filed under data visualization, digital history, digital humanities, history, public history. Tagged as Colorado State University, DH, digital history, digital humanities, StoryMapJS, Tumblr. August 17, 2013 · 1:56 PM Getting started with Gephi. For this post, I'm going to provide step-by-step instruction for those of you interested in creating network graphs using Gephi. Certainly there is. Data presentation can be beautiful, elegant and descriptive. There is a variety of conventional ways to visualize data - tables, histograms, pie charts and bar graphs are being used every day, in every project and on every possible occasion. However, to convey a message to your readers effectively, sometimes you need more than just a simple pie chart of your results

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