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p { color: #2f5687;} Like we mentioned above, hex values work well when you need a color that isn't simply black or white. The above CSS hex value would set the paragraphs to a blue color, but unlike the keyword blue, this hex code gives you the ability to set a very specific shade of blue, a mid-range, slate-like blue in this case Change Font Color with RGBA Number. RGB or Red, Green, Blue, Alpha is a very old coloring system that can be also used for font color specification. most of the colors consist of a mixture of main colors Red, Blue, and Green. We can express these colors with the weight of these main colors. We have to provide 4 values where we will prefix it with the RGB and surround it with parenthesis

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Was used to specify font color. Deprecated. Use CSS instead. The Font Color Attribute has been Deprecated This attribute has been deprecated in HTML5 and should not be used. Browser support for this attribute is limited and using it may produce unexpected results. Instead, use the CSS color property. To learn more about styling text see our tutorial on [fonts and web typography](/fonts/). Font. CSS Text Color. You can set the color of text: Hello World. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat Color Names Supported by All Browsers. All modern browsers support the following 140 color names (click on a color name, or a hex value, to view the color as the background-color along with different text colors): For a full overview of CSS colors, visit our colors tutorial CSS Text Effects CSS Web Fonts CSS 2D Transforms CSS 3D Transforms CSS Transitions CSS Animations CSS Tooltips CSS Style Images CSS object-fit CSS Buttons CSS Pagination CSS Multiple Columns CSS User Interface CSS Variables CSS Box Sizing CSS Flexbox CSS Media Queries CSS MQ Examples CSS Responsiv CSS color codes. CSS color codes and names. Red colors; Orange colors; Yellow colors; Green colors; Cyan colors; Blue colors; Purple colors; Pink colors; White colors; Gray colors ; Brown colors; CSS color. The color code can be one of: Hex format: #rrggbb. RGB format: rgb(red, green, blue) Name format: name. Example. For orange color: Hex format: #FFA500. RGB format: rgb(255,165,0) Name.

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  1. Aug 05, 2016 · Try adding the following to the CSS on this page: .post-text { color: blue; border: 1px solid red; } You'll see that the text color is blue even though the border color is red. - Robusto Mar 26 '14 at 17:10. then by definition, font-color is faster then color as it has to do less work. - kta Apr 27 '14 at 4:21. add a comment | 193. The same way Boston came up with its street plan. They.
  2. Für die Gestaltung der Schrift werden folgende CSS-Befehle benötigt: color:#FF9F00; :#FF9F00 oder als Farbnamen angegeben werden: orange, also color:orange; - die Farbnamen sind immer auf Englisch! font-size:28pt; Schriftgröße: hier als 28pt, kann auch relativ mit der Einheit em angegeben werden font-family:arial, lucida console, sans-serif; Schriftart: wenn vorhanden Arial.
  3. This chapter teaches you how to manipulate text using CSS properties. You can set following text properties of an element − The color property is used to set the color of a text.. The direction property is used to set the text direction.. The letter-spacing property is used to add or subtract space between the letters that make up a word.. The word-spacing property is used to add or subtract.
  4. Text-stroke is a shorthand property for two distinct properties which are text-stroke-width and text-stroke-color. A shorthand property in CSS can be defined as that property which allows the user to set values for multiple properties through a single property. which is a global value, the width will default as 0 and there will be no color or the current color. The above mentioned is a global.
  5. Remember, what you're ultimately trying to do is use a gradient as a font color in CSS without using images. When it comes to coding and crafting, it's important to know what you'll need, so we've listed that out below. What You'll Need to Know. Breaking down the basics is the first step in figuring out how to construct your text gradient syntax. Check out these keywords to gain a.
  6. Mit der CSS-Eigenschaft text-decoration-color kann die Farbe für Unterstreichungen, Überstreichungen oder Durchstreichungen gesetzt werden, spezifiziert durch text-decoration-line. Das ist die bevorzugte Art und Weise, Textdekorationen eine Farbe zuzuweisen

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For background colors, you can apply the color simply by extending the classes like the example below. .ilike-blue-container { @extend .blue, .lighten-4; } For changing text color, you can apply the color simply by extending the classes like the example below. .ilike-blue-container { @extend .blue-text, .text-lighten-4; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the preferred method of changing text color, so first we will show the (archival) method of changing text color using inline HTML color codes, then we will move on to how to achieve the same effect using CSS. Using Text Color (Hex) Codes. In order to change text colors, you will need two things: 1. A command to. The color CSS property sets the foreground color value of an element's text and text decorations, and sets the currentcolor value. currentcolor may be used as an indirect value on other properties and is the default for other color properties, such as border-color Die CSS Eigenschaft color setzt die Vordergrundfarbe des Textinhalts eines Elements und seiner Dekorationen. Sie hat keinen Einfluss auf andere Charakteristiken des Elements; sie sollte eigentlich text-color genannt werden, jedoch wurde sie aus historischen Gründen und ihrem Auftreten in CSS Level 1 so genannt

Responsive and pseudo-class variants. By default, only responsive, hover and focus variants are generated for text color utilities. You can control which variants are generated for the text color utilities by modifying the textColor property in the variants section of your tailwind.config.js file.. For example, this config will also generate active and group-hover variants As we mentioned before, the CSS text color gradient effect should be visible in practically all modern browsers. To be absolutely sure there won't be unwanted glitches in any non-webkit browser, you can add a solid color fallback to your title's CSS properties. Here's an example of how the fail safe CSS code should look like: h1 { color: blue; /* Fallback solid color */ -webkit-text-fill. Style your web text with this online font CSS generator. Set the desired style for your text in the control panel and get your code instantly. Finding the correct line to declare a CSS font is not always the easiest thing that is in top of people's head. Here you can easily choose a web-safe font from the dropdown, increase the font size, set the letter and word spacing. Adjust the color, font. The text-decoration-color CSS property sets the color of decorations added to text by text-decoration-line. The color applies to decorations, such as underlines, overlines, strikethroughs, and wavy lines like those used to mark misspellings, in the scope of the property's value. The source for this interactive example is stored in a GitHub repository. If you'd like to contribute to the. .gradient-text { /* standard gradient background */ background: linear-gradient(red, blue); /* clip hackery */ -webkit-background-clip: text; -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; } This mixture of -webkit- -specific CSS and general gradient background was discovered ten years ago but remains the best way to achieve a pure CSS background, even with custom fonts

CSS Text. In this tutorial you will learn how to style text on your web pages using CSS. Formatting Text with CSS. CSS provides several properties that allows you to define various text styles such as color, alignment, spacing, decoration, transformation, etc. very easily and effectively Reverse Text Color Based on Background Color Automatically in CSS . Author Robin Rendle . Last Updated Oct 21, 2015 . Learn Development at Frontend Masters. Over the weekend I noticed an interesting design for a progress meter in a videogame. The % complete was listed in text in the middle of the bar and didn't move. But that text was the same color as the background of the bar that was. CSS text formatting properties is used to format text and style text. CSS text formatting include following properties: 1.Text-color 2.Text-alignment 3.Text-decoration 4.Text-transformation 5.Text-indentation 6.Letter spacing 7.Line height 8.Text-direction 9.Text-shadow 10.Word spacing . 1.TEXT COLOR Text-color property is used to set the color of the text. Text-color can be set by using the. #element { text-shadow: 0 0 2px #000; /* horizontal-offset vertical-offset 'blur' colour */ -moz-text-shadow: 0 0 2px #000; -webkit-text-shadow: 0 0 2px #000; } But while this is more widely available than the -webkit-text-stroke property, I doubt that it's available to the majority of your users, but that might not be a problem (graceful degradation, and all that)

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CSS Color. In this tutorial you will learn the different methods of defining color values in CSS. Setting Color Property. The color property defines the text color (foreground color in general) of an element.. For instance, the color property specified in the body selector defines the default text color for the whole page. Let's try out the following example to see how it works To style link, many CSS styling properties can be applied (e.g. CSS backgrounds, CSS color, CSS font-family, CSS text decoration, etc.). Link States. Different link states can have individual properties of link color in CSS. Developers choose to change the default style and color of URLs to make links match their web designs. Here are the states you can change link color for with CSS: a:link. Let's create a pure CSS effect that changes the color of a text link on hover but slide that new color in instead of simply swapping colors. There are four different techniques we can use to do this. Let's look at those while being mindful of important things, like accessibility, performance, and browser support in mind. Let's get started! Technique 1: Using background-clip: text. At. How to Set Text and Background Color with CSS. Webucator provides instructor-led training to students throughout the US and Canada. We have trained over 90,000 students from over 16,000 organizations on technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Office, Azure, Windows, Java, Adobe, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Angular and much more

Highlight text with CSS & HTML. You can also create a CSS class and set the background-color attribute, as shown in the example below. Example code <style> body { background-color:blue; } .highlightme { background-color:#FFFF00; } p { background-color:#FFFFFF; } </style> In the CSS code above, there are three elements being defined. First. The <color> CSS data type represents a color in the sRGB color space.A <color> may also include an alpha-channel transparency value, indicating how the color should composite with its background.. A <color> can be defined in any of the following ways:. Using a keyword (such as blue or transparent); Using the RGB cubic-coordinate system (via the #-hexadecimal or the rgb() and rgba() functional.

CSS Eigenschaft: background-color - CSS Kategorie: Farben (allgemein), Hintergründe (allgemein), Colors and Backgrounds (CSS 2.1), Backgrounds and Borders (CSS 3) - CSS Referenz, alle CSS Eigenschaften im Überblic -webkit-text-stroke-width and -webkit-text-stroke-color specifies the width and the color of the stroke respectively.These are the two longhand properties for the shorthand property -webkit-text-stroke which specifies both the stroke color and the width at one go.Thus, the above CSS code is equivalent to the one shown below

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Unter Schriftformatierung sind Angaben zu Schriftarten, Schriftgrößen, Schriftfarben, Strichstärke usw. zu verstehen, also die Angaben, die Einfluss auf die Gestaltung des einzelnen Buchstabens haben. Sinnvoll sind solche Angaben für alle HTML-Elemente, die Text enthalten können. Dazu gehören alle Elemente, die in den Abschnitten HTML/Textstrukturierung und HTML/Textauszeichnung. About a code Underline Clip Hover Animation. A fancy animated underline using text clipping. The text uses background-clip: text and a linear-gradient background to be bi-color. We get around animating the gradient by animating the background-position instead. We have to use a wrapper element for having the underline highlight under the text since the text color is already the background Set the opacity only to background color not on the text in CSS 27-11-2018. The opacity property is used in the image to describes the transparency of the image. The value of opacity lies between 0.0 to 1.0 where the low value represents high transparent and high value represents low transparent. The percentage of opacity is calculated as Opacity% = Opacity * 100 To set the opacity only to the. While you can change text color using the tag in HTML, this method is no longer supported in HTML5. Instead, you'll use basic CSS to define what color the text will appear in various elements on your page. Using CSS will ensure that your..

Collection of hand-picked free HTML and CSS text animation code examples. Update of December 2018 collection. 20 new items. Related Articles. CSS Text Effects; CSS Text Shadow Effects; CSS Glow Text Effects; CSS 3D Text Effects; CSS Text Glitch Effects; Author. Cooper; February 25, 2020; Links. demo and code; Made with. HTML / CSS (SCSS) About a code Neon Lights. Compatible browsers: Chrome. If the descendants and borders of the element don't have their own color specified, they will inherit the defined CSS font color. It will also apply to item markers in lists. CSS font color syntax. To change the text color in CSS, follow the syntax example below: color: value; The value can be defined in color names, RGB, RGBA, HEX, HSL or HSLA. Am Rande: CSS color kann keinen Verlauf enthalten: linearGradient und radialGradient sind Werte der Eigenschaft background-image und keine Eigenschaften von color. CSS Schriftfarbe - color In erster Linie wird die Eigenschaft color für Text eingesetzt, aber der Wert von color bestimmt auch andere Eigenschaften wie border, text-shadow und box-show, solange für hier keine andere Farbe. So bietet die CSS-Eigenschaft font-weight zwar eine Auswahl von dünn oder mager über normal bis fett und sehr fett, aber die gewählte Schrift muss über verschiedene Schnitte in den jeweiligen Abstufungen verfügen. Bei den mitgelieferten Schriften der Betriebssysteme wie Arial, Helvetica und Times ist das nicht unbedingt der Fall. font-weight. font-weight ist das Maß für die Strichbreite.

How to change the background color of TEXT in css. 2. CSS background for text only & not parent span/div/body? 2. background size of p tag. 2. Background-color only on the text field. 0. make a div containing text fill up to the parent width before text going on a second line. 1. How to move divs to bottom and top of absolute div . 0. highlight text in a div with blue color. 0. Apply styling. CSS Hyperlinks Style - How To Change Hyperlink Color « Previous; Next » CSS Hyperlinks Style work when cursor rollover or click on specific hyperlink. you can set hyperlink styles using various CSS properties like background-color, font-family, font-weight, color, font-size and many more The CSS styles for text input controls such as TextField for JavaFX 8 are defined in the modena.css stylesheet as below. Create a custom CSS stylesheet and modify the colors as you wish. Use the CSS reference guide if you need help understanding the syntax and available attributes and values..text-input { -fx-text-fill: -fx-text-inner-color; -fx-highlight-fill: derive(-fx-control-inner. Shift the shadow right/down, set the blur and opacity and pick a color from the palette to get your CSS. Use the online editor to adjust your style manually. Follow the evolution of your shadow in the live preview where you can set a custom text and background color. Just like the box shadow generator, this tool also allows you to add multiple shadows to your design with the Add new button.

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CSS Color Names. Here is a full list of the CSS named colors as specified in CSS3 (CSS Color Module Level 4). These are based on the X11 color set. The above basic colors are also included in this chart. Try clicking on a value. This will open the color in Quackit's online editor so you can see how it looks (and grab the code). There's also a link to a color tester where you can get another. JavaFX CSS uses the HSB color model instead of the HSL color model. If a property of a node is initialized by calling the set method of the property, the CSS implementation will see this as a user set value and the value will not be overwritten by a style from a user agent style sheet. When parsing a URI, the parser doesn't handle URI escapes nor \<hex-digit>[1,6] code points. Types inherit. Look Inside. The truth is, we can still creating those fancy headings, cool fonts and text effects without using Photoshop, but just with CSS. In this article, I have listed some useful CSS tricks and techniques which can be used to style your headings, fonts and text as well as content. Perhaps, these CSS tricks might inspire you on what can be done by using CSS rather than rely on Photoshop. HTML color code tool. How to change the font type, size, and color on a web page. All questions relating to CSS and HTML colors. All color-related terms. HTML help. Major hexadecimal color codes. Below are some of the common color names and codes. With these colors, you can also use the color name. For example, in HTML tags and CSS that use color codes, you could use red instead of #FF0000. Using CSS for a single application. If you plan on changing the font face and its color only once on a web page, configure its attributes in the element tag. Using the style attribute, you may specify the font face and color with font-family, color, and the font size with font-size, as shown in the example below.. Example cod

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CSS3 has Supported additional color properties as follows − RGBA colors; HSL colors; HSLA colors; Opacity; RGBA stands for Red Green Blue Alpha.It is an extension of CSS2,Alpha specifies the opacity of a color and parameter number is a numerical between 0.0 to 1.0.A Sample syntax of RGBA as shown below Der Color Contrast Checker von WebAIM kann Ihnen im Vorfeld bei der Farbwahl behilflich sein. Hauptartikel: Grafik/Farbkonzept/Farben und Kontraste. Transparenter Hintergund mit rgba Wenn Sie nur den Hintergrund und nicht den Textinhalt durchscheinend darstellen wollen, verwenden Sie rgba-Farbangaben bei der Hintergrundfarbe. Beispiel ansehen .o0 {background-color: rgba (255, 255, 255, 0. blur-radius: It sets the blur radius around the font. color: It sets color around the font. none: It does not set anything around the font. initial: It sets the font border to its default value. inherit: It inherits the property values from its parent values. Return Value: It returns a font border/shadow around the text. Example 1: This example uses text-shadow property to create shadow to the. 20 Examples of Beautiful CSS Typography Design. Getting the message across - in style. That's what typography is all about. It greatly affects the mood of the reader. Like when you're reading a manuscript, most of the time, its on a yellow (ocher)-ish background. When you're reading stuff related to food, you're going to find a lot of red color use. That's because the color read.

CSS Gradient. CSS Gradient is a happy little website and free tool that lets you create a gradient background for websites. Besides being a css gradient generator, the site is also chock-full of colorful content about gradients from technical articles to real life gradient examples like Stripe and Instagram. Why did you make this Hier bist Du: Home « Rahmen « border-color Download | Kontakt | Forum | Suche | Hilfe Impressum | Haftungsausschluss | Links auf CSS 4 Yo With CSS3 text shadow, you can create many different effects. Let's take a look at some: By using a rgba or hsla font color, we can see an alpha transparency value which allows us to see through the text, and see the shadow below. p.myText { color:rgba(0,0,0,0.5); text-shadow:3px 3px 0 #aaa; } RGBA is a new feature for CSS3 which allows you to set a alpha transparency value to RGB colors.

HTML, CSS and SVG animating text. text color draw. Path drawing of text using greensock's drawSVG plugin. Pure CSS Text Animation. HTML and CSS text animation. Animated text fill. Fill your text with animated background images - no JavaScript required. Bubbling Text Effect. A jQuery powered example of how you can create a bubbling effect on a HTML heading. The bubbles appear as though they. CSS uses color values to specify a color. Typically, these are used to set a color either for the foreground of an element (i.e., its text) or else for the background of the element. They can also be used to affect the color of borders and other decorative effects. You can specify your color values in various formats. Following table lists all. As we know common styles in all the pages we always preferred CSS over HTML.; So, in this tutorial, all common properties are implemented in CSS only. As we discussed above it is not possible to apply different colors but you can vary margin from box model by setting the background color of the html page to different color and margin color by default in white color This CSS tutorial demonstrates how to set an input field's placeholder color using CSS. You also learn how to apply special styles to input fields with placeholder text. PWA; SEO; Blog; Contact; The CSS Placeholder Color of an HTML Input Field. Chris Love . Last Updated - Fri Feb 08 2019. Providing visual queues to application users provides a better experience that can lead to. The CSS background-color property allows you to color background of a table, row and cells. The above code color the background of each row as green color and foreground color as white. Source Code. How to color specific row in a CSS Table. You can use the tr:nth-child(rownumber) to color a particular row in a table using CSS. Above code select the 3 row from top (including table head row) and.

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How to animate text color on mouse hover using CSS. Topic: HTML / CSS Prev|Next Answer: Use the CSS3 transition property. You can use the CSS3 transition property to smoothly animate the text color of an element on mouseover, such as a paragraph of text or a hyperlink.. Let's take a look at an example to understand how it basically works Das W3C listet knapp 50 Eigenschaften von background-color über font-size, text-shadow bis z-index, die sich mit CSS transition animieren lassen. Die Daumenregel lautet: CSS-Eigenschaften mit absolute Werte wie px oder % lassen sich animieren, aber nicht mit Keywords wie top, right, auto Background-color = barva pozadí, Border-color = barva rámečku, Filter = grafické filtry v Internet Exploreru, Barvy v CSS; Odkazy. Barvy v HTML základní povídání, Bezpečné barvy, Pojmenované HTML barvy, Základní webové barv

CSS code to add the animation and style properties. The @keyframes rule specifies the animation code for the blinking text. Inside this rule, we can specify the transparency of the text using opacity property. For the blinking class. we have defined the style properties such as background colour, font properties, size of the text in the below code Advantage of using CSS to set the text color. The advantage of using CSS to apply the text color can be seen from the example above. When you want to make changes to the style (say, changing from red to dark red) you have to find every place where you used the inline style and make the change or your website will have inconsistent styling. When you are using a CSS sheet, just make change to. This is a Sample Text box with background color added using inline CSS. This is the easiest way to add text boxes to your site. You can customize the background color and font attributes to align the box on your site. Text Boxes as Info Message CSS Text Background Color. The CSS background-color property lets you set the background color of a block of text. The background-color property accepts any of the color values discussed earlier (color name, HEX, RGB, HSL). Suppose we want to add an orange background color to one of the sentences (Today, Peterson and Sons operates five stores across the Seattle area.) in the paragraph of. Folgendes ist beim Einsatz von text-decoration-color zu beachten:. text-decoration-color bestimmt die Farbe der Linie unter, über oder durch den Text.. Damit text-decoration-color greifen kann, muss eine der CSS-Eigenschaften text-decoration (CSS 2.1) beziehungsweise text-decoration-line (CSS3) definiert sein, damit die Linie überhaupt vorhanden ist

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In this tutorial, learn how to Make Background Color Transparent using CSS. Add a transparent background to the text and give a look and effect on your content.. The back part of the background is still slightly visible to the viewer.This can be useful when you want to add a text to the container How to Change a Webpage Text Font and Color Using CSS. Do you want to use the newest technology to style your web pages? Here's how! Understand how css works with HTML. For example: TextAlmost any HTML tag can include style, such as p or..

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As you can see, it's pretty straightforward to build a table with columns of alternating colors by using some simple CSS code. This feature is well supported in all current browsers. In Internet Explorer 8, the nth child selector is not supported and you can easily provide this small portion of your users with a visually readable alternative. The Most Popular Tools. Random Word Generator. The ultimate CSS tools for web designers. Gradient Generator; Border Radius; Noise Texture; Box Shadow. reverse colors. Opacity. Location % Delete Selected Stop. Color. Color. Location % Delete Selected Stop. Hue. Saturation. Lightness. Reset. Save. horizontal orientation vertical orientation diagonal orientation diagonal orientation radial orientation. CSS SASS. knob. Copy text. Color format.

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Übersicht über alle CSS Befehle. Bedeutung der CSS Befehle, Anwendungsbereich und weitere mögliche Angaben für erfolgreiches Webdesign mit CSS <STYLE TYPE=text/css> H1 { color: navy } BODY { color: green } </STYLE> CSS has been designed to resolve conflicts between style sheet rules like the one above. Specificity is one aspect of that. You can find the details in Chapter 15, Cascading and inheritance

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CSS Font Color. Although the color of the text seems like it would be part of CSS Font, it actually is a standalone attribute in CSS. This could be for many reasons, including the fact that it will be used a great deal, so why make the coder type out font-color, when they could just type out color instead? Here's an example of changing the color of your font. CSS Code: h4 { color: red. In this video we go over changing the font type, size, and color. Source for episode: http://pastebin.com/RVK07MrM CSS Color Module Level 3: Beispiel .phpcode {color: red;} legt für alle Elemente der Klasse phpcode eine rote Schriftfarbe fest Beachten Sie Achten Sie auf kontrastreiche Farbkombinationen. Tipp Liste der CSS-Eigenschaften. Schriftformatierung. font. font-family; font-style; font-variant; font-size; line-height; font-weight; font-display; font-size-adjust; font-stretch; color; word-spacing.

ACARS受信&KG-ACARSソフト 貴方もまるで管制官 超簡単Psd Neon Text Effect Vol3 | Photoshop Text Effects | PixedenSilver Trappings: 12 Weeks of Christmas - Shopping!Dark Grunge Psd Text Effect | Photoshop Text Effects | PixedenPsd Slim Lay Text Effect | Photoshop Text Effects | PixedenCharacter Entities » Best Practices Web DesignTurtle Shell Pixel Art – BRIKAmber Psd Beer Bottle Mockup | Psd Mock Up Templates | PixedenKnuckles the Echidna Pixel Art – BRIK

Text color draw is a funky looking attractive text effect. The falling texts with color shifts get user attention as soon as they land on your website. Storytelling is no more content only work, combining the well-written contents with impressive effects will give you even better results. Based on the tone of the content and nature of your business, these CSS text effects help you to easily. Responsive and pseudo-class variants. By default, only responsive, hover and focus variants are generated for background color utilities. You can control which variants are generated for the background color utilities by modifying the backgroundColor property in the variants section of your tailwind.config.js file.. For example, this config will also generate active and group-hover variants The CSS. The invert value is percentage-based; 100% fully inverts the colors and 0% displays all colors as normal:.normal { filter: invert(0%); } .inverted { filter: invert(100%); } You can invert individual elements or, if you invert the document.documentElement, the entire page contents get inverted. The values reported back by window.getComputedStyle(el) will be the original CSS values. Defining HTML Colors. There is no special HTML color tag, as design is not the main function of HTML.Coloring your website is a part of CSS inline styling.This means you need to use the style attribute in the opening tag you wish to add HTML color to.. You may use the color property to change the color of your text, or background-color to change the color of the background

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